Updated Football Dynasty Draft Dates

So, as some of you may or may not know, we have been forced to eliminate several of the Dynasty Football Leagues. Mark opened up so many, and with all the turnover here at FSC, we are not able to maintain the vision of such great expansion at this time. Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to open more leagues, but for the upcoming year, we have had to trim back.

Below is a listing of the Leagues that have been renewed, and the updated list of when those leagues will be drafting. A couple of league draft dates have changed, so please make sure to check and see if a league you are in has had it’s draft date changed.

League 1 Saturday August 13              8 P.M. Drafted

League 2 Saturday August 13             9 P.M. Drafted

League 3 Saturday August 13             10 P.M. Drafted

League 4 Sunday August 14                7 P.M. Drafted

League 5 Sunday August 14                 8 P.M. Drafted

League 6 Sunday August 14                 9 P.M. Drafted

League 8 Saturday August 20              8 P.M. Drafted

League 9 Sunday August 21              9 P.M. Drafted

League 10 Sunday August 21           10 P.M. Drafted

League 19 Saturday August 27             8 P.M. EST

League 20 Saturday August 27            9 P M EST

League 21 Saturday August 27             10 P M EST

League 7 Sunday August 28                  7 P M EST

League 16 Sunday August 27                 8 P M EST

League 22 Sunday August 28                9 P.M.EST



There are still several teams available for anyone who wants to take over a new team. All teams that are available are listed under the “Available Teams” tab. If you want to take on the challenge of a new team, find one you like and post your email address. Teams will be given away on a first come, first serve basis.

Anyone who is in a Dynasty Football league already, don’t forget to submit your keepers. We can’t draft without them!

Good luck everyone on the upcoming season.


Important Upcoming Dates

Contract Football FA Begins Friday August 12th 7PM (24 Hour high bid wins)

Contract Basketball and Hockey Minor league Drafts Start Saturday August 20th at noon

Contract Basketball and Hockey resigns and callups(for hockey) due on Sunday Sept 3rd

Contract Basketball and Hockey FA starts Sunday Sept 11th (24 hour high bid wins)