PLEASE READ!! Concerning Standard Dynasty Baseball Leagues and Shohei Ohtani

Welcome back to FSC Dynasty Baseball for another exciting season! This year as most of you know there is a unique situation with pitcher/hitter Shohei Ohtani. Yahoo has decided to create 2 separate players.One a hitter and one a pitcher.This year you will be able to draft each position separately. So if one team drafts Ohtani the pitcher then a different team will be able to draft the hitter. If you happen to get both positions on one team then that is ok also. But there will be no situation where we will give you both positions unless you draft them. In other words we will not change the rule nor make exceptions where you draft one and feel entitled to the other.We feel this is the fairest and most fluid way to handle this until/unless yahoo finds a way to combine the player into one.Also we like to remind everyone about our NA rule since it gets alot of attention every year.Please follow this link to the site post for NA. Or you can just go down a couple of posts and you will see it.
We need everyone to read and understand this rule and hope you will enjoy your season at FSC.

FSC Board


Important Upcoming Dates For Baseball,Hockey and Basketball

Please note the following dates as they are fast approaching.For more in-depth information on contract dates please check out the Forums for each specific sport.


Contract Baseball Minor League Draft – Sunday February 11th at 12PM EST

Hockey Trade Deadline Standard and Contract – Thursday February 22nd

Basketball Trade Deadline Standard and Contract- Thursday March 1st

Contract Baseball FA Begins – Sunday March 4th at 12PM EST

Important Dates for Contract Football

To those in our Contract Football league, here are dates for our off-season activities.

Manager Check-In on the Forums: Sunday, March 25th by midnight EST
– If anyone doesn’t check in by Friday, March 23rd, I will be sending them ONE email reminder. Anyone who doesn’t check in by the 25th may have their team taken away from them. The check-in thread is already up in the General Discussion Subtopic, so you can check-in anytime between now and then.

Forced Call-ups: Sunday, April 1st by midnight EST
– The list is currently up in the forums in the General Discussion category. You can reply to that topic with the list of players that you want to call up for next season and the players you want to release. Any player on that list that is not called up by April 1st at midnight will be released to Free Agency.

Minor League Draft: Saturday, April 7th at noon EST
– The Draft thread is up. Please check it to make sure all of your draft picks are correct. More info about the draft will be posted in the Draft thread as we get closer to Draft day

Player Re-signs: Sunday, May 6th by midnight EST
– Any player that isn’t posted as a re-sign by then will become a Free Agent.

Free Agent Frenzy: Saturday, June 2nd at noon EST
– Auctions can start at any time after noon. Any posted before noon will be voided.

Read the full post here.


Baseball – NA rule clairification

Hello all!

There are always a lot of questions about this rule so here is how it works:
Here is the NA rule as it will stand for this season.

NA Rule: All standard leagues will continue to utilize 3 NA slots for the purpose of stashing talented players while still maintaining a competitive and fair balanced active roster. A team may only carry 3 NA players in these slots and must be in compliance by the start of the regular MLB season (Thursday,March 29th). Any NA player listed on your active roster on March 29th at the start of the first MLB game exceeding 3 will be immediately removed by the commissioner to the waiver wire. Please read NA exceptions below.

NA Exceptions:

1. Any player, regardless of age, free agent or prospect, can be placed on the NA slot meaning as long as Yahoo has given them an NA designation the only way they can be on their roster is in the NA slot. The only exception being with any player suspended by the MLB must remain on your active roster.

2. Teams will be allowed to carry one NA player on their active roster during the season as long as the player started the season in the MLB and was sent down to the minors at some point during the season.

Grace Period:

1. Outside of the start of the MLB season, should a player become NA for any reason besides suspension, that GM will have 7 days to either make room in their NA slots via dropping someone or via trade before punishment will be enforced.


First Violation: Immediately removal of NA player by commissioner from the offending GMs roster.

Second Violation: Immediately removal of NA player by commissioner from offending GMs roster plus the benching of the entire teams roster for the Saturday following the infraction.

Third Violation: Immediate replacement in the league and possible removal from the network pending board review.

In essence the NA rule is the exact same as last season. Changes that occurred in past years were as follows: we did away with the age and prospect restrictions and opened one active roster spot for players that make their MLB teams but get sent down later. We understand this still may not be perfect but these changes were the overwhelming majority from the survey sent on this topic a couple years ago. If you have any questions please either post below or email your respective league commissioner. Their details are in the “About” tab on this site.

Thank you,

FSC Board and Baseball Commissioner.