League Descriptions

Overview of FSC Leagues

The FSC Fantasy Sports Network operates two distinctly different kinds of leagues in each sport

Standard Dynasty Leagues

The standard leagues are just what you would expect from the name. They are very basic leagues with very simple rules.

  • Keep 18/23 players every year, no restrictions, except baseball which keeps 20/25.
  • Small five round draft to start every new season, quick and easy as to not take up too much time.

These leagues require you to be constantly active. The depth of knowledge required for this set of leagues is slightly deeper than most public fantasy sports leagues, but it is in fact the shallowest of all our dynasty leagues here in the FSC Network.


 Contract Dynasty Leagues

The contract leagues are the deepest, most active, and most challenging leagues in the entire FSC Network. For that reason it requires a special manager who is dedicated 24/7/365 to play in these leagues. For every season you must manage the following aspects of your team:

  • Major league roster
  • Minor league roster
  • Draft picks (tradeable for both the current and subsequent season)
  • $160 salary cap (tradeable for both the current and subsequent season)

The contract leagues are a daily commitment. Operating one team in a contract league is easily the equivalent of operating at least 3 teams in the Standard Dynasty Leagues. The contract leagues employ a slow forum draft every offseason. They also use a free agent bidding system in the FSC Forums. All relevant data for the contract leagues are stored in a master spreadsheet that the league commissioner and transaction processors review daily.


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