PLEASE READ!! Concerning Standard Dynasty Baseball Leagues and Shohei Ohtani

Welcome back to FSC Dynasty Baseball for another exciting season! This year as most of you know there is a unique situation with pitcher/hitter Shohei Ohtani. Yahoo has decided to create 2 separate players.One a hitter and one a pitcher.This year you will be able to draft each position separately. So if one team drafts Ohtani the pitcher then a different team will be able to draft the hitter. If you happen to get both positions on one team then that is ok also. But there will be no situation where we will give you both positions unless you draft them. In other words we will not change the rule nor make exceptions where you draft one and feel entitled to the other.We feel this is the fairest and most fluid way to handle this until/unless yahoo finds a way to combine the player into one.Also we like to remind everyone about our NA rule since it gets alot of attention every year.Please follow this link to the site post for NA. Or you can just go down a couple of posts and you will see it.
We need everyone to read and understand this rule and hope you will enjoy your season at FSC.

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Important Upcoming Dates For Baseball,Hockey and Basketball

Please note the following dates as they are fast approaching.For more in-depth information on contract dates please check out the Forums for each specific sport.


Contract Baseball Minor League Draft – Sunday February 11th at 12PM EST

Hockey Trade Deadline Standard and Contract – Thursday February 22nd

Basketball Trade Deadline Standard and Contract- Thursday March 1st

Contract Baseball FA Begins – Sunday March 4th at 12PM EST