**TAKEN** – Basketball Dynasty 6 – Atlanta Walkers

This team is available as the former GM will not be returning.. This team finished 5th out of 20 last year and will have the 16th pick in the upcoming draft. This team traded their 1st round pick but will add a 2nd pick in round 3.Please post your email in the comments below if you would like to take over this team. Durant,Love and Barnes. 1 basketball team or less preferred.

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**TAKEN** – Basketball Dynasty 5 – DX Army

We have a GM that seems to have abandoned his team before the draft that will take place this Saturday at 8PM EST. Anyone who wants to take over this team please post your email below and we will transfer it to you. The team finished 6th last year and will pick 15th in the 5 round draft. The team has no 1st or 2nd round picks but has (2) 3rd (1)4th and (2)5th round picks. LeBron,Griffin and DeRozen on roster.

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FSC 2017 Dynasty Baseball Season Results

Well it is hard to believe but our 6th season of Dynasty Baseball just concluded and we have 11 new champions to crown. This year baseball was hammered with injuries as some teams had most of their benches littered with red injury labels. Big name players like Bryce Harper and Madison Bumgarner missed significant chunks of time and many other name players were on and off the new 10 day DL which replaced the long standing 15 day DL and hampered some good teams from reaching their potential. We had 9 standard leagues running this year and out of those 9 leagues none of the #1 seeds won a championship. We did have one team win from the 8th position and that was my squad in league 4 which got hot at just the right time. Seven of the 11 champions were first time winners in the baseball category as well as a rookie winning our elite contract league. Congratulations DFW Demolition on taking over this team in mid season and winning it all. This year we brought back our invitational redraft league that is made up of past champions and those that finished in the top 3 of their leagues last year. This league had the only number 1 seed to will a title with Moorestown Big Dogs. Thanks to everyone that played in these leagues and we hope that you enjoyed the competition that comes from playing in a 20 team dynasty league. It is very difficult to beat the top GM’s that play in these leagues and we want to thank all of those that were out of the playoff race yet kept setting their teams day after day. What makes these leagues great is not only the top contenders fighting for those 8 playoff spots but those bottom 10 that keep wanting to play spoiler to those trying to get in. We hope that you will be ready when baseball opens next year and will return to make your team better and a contender. Thanks to everyone at FSC for helping keep this site rolling along. You are all Awesome!!!

( )=seeding in playoffs


Baseball Contract…………..1st- DFW Demolition(3)

2nd – Quahogs(5)

3rd – Easy Freese(1)

Baseball Invitational……..1st – Moorestown Big Dogs(1)

2nd – Stark Direwolves(3)

3rd – Wilbur’s BBQ(2)

Baseball Dynasty 1………..1st – Easy Freese(3)

2nd – New York Dragons(5)

3rd – The Trevor Ending Story(1)

Baseball Dynasty 2……….1st – Lumber Yard(4)

2nd – Edmonton Crunch(7)

3rd – Silver Bullets(6)

Baseball Dynasty 3……….1st – Huskies(5)

2nd – Wilbur’s BBQ(1)

3rd – Whitecaps(3)

Baseball Dynasty 4………..1st – Dynasty Empire(8)

2nd – EOJWZ(6)

3rd – Devastation(2)

Baseball Dynasty 5………..1st – Kearny Athletic Club(2)

2nd – Storm Chasers(5)

3rd – Outlawz(3)

Baseball Dynasty 6……….1st – Outlaws(2)

2nd – UNC Tarheels(6)

3rd – Moorestown Big Dogs(5)

Baseball Dynasty 7……….1st – @BeBogus(2)

2nd – Devastation(4)

3rd – Cleveland Rox(3)

Baseball Dynasty 8……….1st – Indy Speed(5)

2nd – Silver Bullets(7)

3rd – Rulo River Rats (1)

Baseball Dynasty 9……….1st – Quahogs(7)

2nd – Outlawz(8)



Note: we have two different teams named Outlaws. One spells with an S and one with a Z