FSC Baseball Hall of Fame

League Name 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Baseball Dynasty 1 Broad Street Bullies def. Tommy John’s Jon Broad Street Bullies def. Tommy John’s Jon  UNC Tarheels def. Pack of Rabid Dogs Twist and Trout def. Aesculus Glabra Easy Freese def. Aesculus Glabra
Baseball Dynasty 2 Brew Crew def. Huff Daddy’s MadHouse def. Antlers’ Circus Antlers’ Circus def. Team Canada Owen Meany Hits def. Team Canada Team Canada def. Silver Bullets
Baseball Dynasty 3 MasMYR def. Agent P. Youth Revolution def. Wilbur’s BBQ Kicking the Sack def. Agent P The Adderall Empire def. Cooperstown Rookies Kicking the Sack def. Moorestown Big Dogs
Baseball Dynasty 4 Broad Street Bullies def. Zim Dynasty Freak Show def. OVER DA WALL SEE YA DICK PIG def. EOJWZ ℱ®ëäk Ⓢℎºῳ def. Aesculus Glabra Aesculus Glabra def. Broomfield Braves
Baseball Dynasty 5 Giants of Jazz def. Loose Lugnuts Giants of Jazz def. Wilbur’s BBQ New York Dragons def. Cleveland Steamers Wilbur’s BBQ def. Broad Street Bullies Giants of Jazz def. Planner
Baseball Dynasty 6 Grand Salamis def. Dy Nasty King! Brooklyn Braves def. Outlaws Outlaws def. Youth Revolution Windy City Jackers def. Edmonton Crunch Moorestown Big Dogs def. Broomfield Braves
Baseball Dynasty 7 Bull Heads def. Like A Hurricane Devastation def. Dynasty Empire Freak Show def. Henderson Braves Oakville A’s def. @BeBogus Cleveland Roxdef. Autochunk
Baseball Dynasty 8 N/A Average Joes def. Spaztic Nerfbags Quahogs def. Dynasty Empire ℱ®ëäk Ⓢℎºῳ def. Dynasty Empire bLackstar 4O4 def. Planner
Baseball Dynasty 9 N/A N/A N/A N/A Quahogs def. Planner
Baseball Contract Dynasty 1 N/A Giants of Jazz def. Quahogs The D Train def. Broad Street Bullies MadHouse def. Atlanta Walkers Stark Direwolvesdef. Easy Freese
Baseball Invitational N/A P.R. Panzers def. Wojowitz Windy City Jackers def. Armagetiton Windy City Jackers def. ℱ®ëäk Ⓢℎºῳ N/A

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