FSC Basketball Hall of Fame

For the complete list of all FSC Basketball champions, check out the entire FSC Basketball Hall of Fame here.
Here is the list of 2017-2018 champions. Congratulations to all the winners!

Basketball Dynasty 1

Champion Azzkicker’s INC.

2nd Morestown Big Dogs

3rd New York Dragons

Basketball Dynasty 2

Champion MasMYR

2nd Outlaws

3rd Rulo River Rats

Basketball Dynasty 3

Champion Doom

2nd Outlaws

3rd P R Panzers

Basketball Dynasty 4

Champion New York Dragons

2nd Easy Freese

3rd The Jetropolitans

Basketball Dynasty 5

Champion KDub Nation

2nd L4L

3rd Pick and Roll

Basketball Dynasty 6

Champion Motor City Mafia

2nd Wicked Westy

3rd Blue Flames

Basketball Dynasty 7

Champion Redstone

2nd Azzkicker’s INC.

3rd LeBron Blames

Contract Basketball 1

Champion Hitmen

2nd Fantasy Express

3rd Halifax Hurricanes


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